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Our experts have deep knowledge and understanding of product formulation, quality control, gene expression, bacteria culture, fermentation, downstream purification

Value Concept

As we, Hangzhou Junfeng Bioengineering Co. Ltd., develop products locally to suit the needs of customers in the Chinese market.


As a manufacturer, we leverage a robust technical platform to carry out processes like recombinant enzymes expression and purification, biopharmaceutical drugs quality control, etc., with excellence.

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Founded in 2009 by a team of scientists and researchers committed to formulating innovative products relevant to the field of life sciences, we, Hangzhou Junfeng Bioengineering Co. Ltd., are a China-based biological enterprise that have gained acclamation as a world leader today. Our ever-expanding product range includes different Biolab Use Enzymes, BioIndustry Use Enzymes and Biochemical Reagents that act as biological catalysts during drug development and processing where they efficiently stimulate various chemical reactions in less time. Along with producing enzymes, we support customers in the world market by supplying reliable Detection Kits too, including Enterokinase Elisa Kit, RNase A Elisa Kit, Trypsin Elisa Kit, Benzonase Elisa Kit, etc. We partner with reputable dealers of Biochemical reagents too with whom we have shared wonderful, win-win relations all these years. Banking on their support, we continually expand our ingredient portfolio, supplying large volumes of enzymes, biochemical reagents, etc., for use in the field of molecular biology research, diagnosis, etc.

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Buy large quantities of Biolab Use Enzymes, Imipenem Hydrolase, TAL Reagent, Protein Markers, etc., sold under
the popular brand name, Indumy.

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