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Team & Technology

Our experts work at our high-tech setup, round the clock. Along with talent, they display strength of character and perform in robust teams to better accomplish goals and objectives of the company. Together, they strive to realize our aim of formulating the best grades of Biolab Use Enzymes, Biochemical Reagents, etc., that can effectively optimize various processes and deliver efficiencies across lab works and in other areas.

Value Concept

Hangzhou Junfeng Bioengineering Co. Ltd. join hands with many other partners for forwarding better value to our global clients and customers. Our company manages a state-of-the-art plant where qualified professionals work abiding by the following core principles of our business:

  • Enterprise target: Our company focuses on achievable targets, always coming up with quality enzymes that are made respecting the sensitivity of Mother Earth and delivered as per the specific needs of clients.
  • Company spirit: We believe that nothing is unattainable when broken into smaller tasks. These smaller tasks are then handled well by specialised teams who are trained for the job.
  • Enterprise faith: One of the best points of partnering with our company, Hangzhou Junfeng Bioengineering Co. Ltd., is that we are not a regular provider of Biolab Use Enzymes, Biochemical Reagents, etc., but a value-based company committed to offering outstanding services and products to our clients.


We also work as a trader and partner with the following companies to deliver products that are assured for purity and performance:

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
  • Shanghai Lanyuan Bioengineering Co., Ltd.

Future Aim

Following the concepts of eco-friendliness, innovation, sharing, and collaboration, we aim to sustain our excellence of creating world class products and offering technical service of the best standards to our Chinese and global customers.

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